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Porsche of the Fox Valley

Porsche-Record Sales 2016!


Porsche had a great year in 2016! The company finished with 54,280 vehicles sold, which represents a 4.9% increase over 2015!

Taken from Porsche’s website, the 2016 breakdown per model below is as follows vs 2015.

As one can see, SUV sales were very strong, but the real standout here is the Macan. Each model Porsche sells was a lower number compared to 2015, but Macan sales were huge. While hard to tell just how many people moved to the Macan from another model, it goes to show that the model range is very well rounded, and the future of the brand is looking bright. We know that here at our dealership, having the option of a smaller SUV was a great addition to our larger SUV inventory. Here is to a great 2017!