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Porsche of the Fox Valley

Info From Actual Experience?

Want information from actual experience?


New model coming out that you are interested in? Current/older model in our inventory that you have questions about (or may want to order), and are not sure what to think of the reviews you’ve read online? Wondering just what those people at the dealership really know about the car you are interested in purchasing from them? Fear not!


While we cannot speak for the rest of the industry, our staff is very highly trained by Porsche, and has first-hand experience to back it up with. Aside from the immense amount of training we do online, we have in-dealership training as well as have staff members on a plane going somewhere in the country for training very, very frequently. We have people learning about a car one month while in the dealership, and the next they could be in Chicago, Atlanta, or LA, Orange County, Park City, etc. getting first-hand knowledge on the car Porsche sells (along with the competition). We have been in many different situations from the normal street drive, to back-country roads, to driving through the mountains, to spending hours absolutely beating on these cars at the racetrack. We can speak from actual experience, and before you ask, yes, we drive these cars around here too.


We would be happy to answer any random or subjective question you have that is holding you up from taking things to that next step.

To start things off, give Shane Hecker a call at 920-968-5613 or today!