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Porsche of the Fox Valley

Why is the key on the left?!


Where's the key?! This is a very common question when starting a Porsche for the first time!


Next question asked - Why in the world is it on the left?!


The answer is actually really cool, and brings Porsche's racing heritage into play:

In the early racing days of Porsche, a traditional way to start many races was the "Le Mans start." When the signal was given, the drivers would all race across the racetrack, get in their cars, and take off. The race was on! Porsche wanted to give an edge to their drivers, so they installed the key opposite the shift lever. That way when the drivers got into their car they could twist the key and get into gear faster, thus possibly gaining precious seconds of advantage over the other drivers. This practice is still carried on in tradition with each Porsche offered right now.


You will notice there is no such thing as a "start button" in Porsches as well. Even to this day, they hold true to tradition, and if you have a car with the optional Porsche Entry and Drive, instead of pressing a start button you twist a fixed plug that is in the key slot, to start your car.